Vi stänger!

Stockholm, October 19, 2018.



Dear friends, guests and neighbours:


We have decided to close Matkonsulatet at the end of this year, Dec 18th 2018 will be the last day open to the public.


We want to share with you the reasons behind this decision and our feelings about it.


In terms of business, Matkonsulatet has been doing well for a long while, but has never been as good as it is now. It works, so we will not let it just fade away.


We are a great team and have been working together for many years, we will stay together wherever we go. You will recognise the faces when we open Hallmans in Södermalm at the end of this year, and you will do it when you find us in a new location and projects to come.


The reasons above give us the strength to always make decisions on our own, especially the bold ones, like leaving the space in Kungholmsstrand 157.


In the more than four years here, we have been through a variety of circumstances related to the building we are in, we always managed to keep on going, but after too many empty promises of improvement in the facility, unclear conditions, forever delayed renovations, absent landlords, slippery and not trustworthy administrators and uncertainty, we said enough.


It’s not the way we want to run our restaurant, nor the way to run our company, so we move on for good.


The crew at Matkonsulatet is relieved and very happy about this decision, we plan to have much fun in our two last months here, then celebrate the holidays, rest and re-load for the exciting and challenging 2019 we have in front of us. (spoiler alert!!!).


So just come and join us!


As we have had printed in our menus since the very first day:



När det är slut är det slut!