We are just a small restaurant in Stockholm, our mission does not go beyond serving catalan and spanish inspired food, wines form the south of Europe, and showcase a way of understanding gastronomy.


We love what we do, we love why we do it, we love the regions that inspire us.


Some of us were born there, some of us lived there, some of us worked there, and all of us have been there and had a great time.

We love Barcelona, we love Catalunya and we love Spain.



In Catalunya nowadays, the political situation could be simplified as:


There is a desire of a part of the catalan people to become an independent state.


There is a desire of a part of the catalan people to remain within the spanish state.


There is a part of the catalan people that does not have a clear position about it.


We dont take a position as a group in this issue, we respect all the opinions and sensitivities, which can be very different between us as individuals. The respect for the different opinion, toghether with the right to express it, in a larger extent, represent democracy for us.


There is one issue where we all stand toghether, the rejection of any form of violence.


In the same way we bring you the food and wine we love, we feel the obligation to show a very unpleasant side of the reality.


Disclaimer: the linked videos from BBC News and CadenaSER. contains sensitive images.


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Thank you.